January 28: 1-hour European Stormlands Challenge!


The next Stormlands Ranking Challenge is just around the corner.
Get ready for 1 hour of pure adrenaline on the Stormlands map!

The challenge starts January 28, 8 PM UTC+1,
and it will last
1 hour only!

The challenge will take place ONLY be on the European server,
with a separate challenge for the American server to follow at a later date:

  • European server: 8 PM UTC+1 = 8 PM CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome) = 2 PM EST (New York)

Enjoy these benefits during the 1-hour challenge:

  • Stormlands XP Booster (+100% for all levels)
  • Stormlands Medals Booster (+100% for all levels)

When the challenge ends, the 7 leading players at that time are awarded
the following Gold Coins prizes:

  1. 3,000 Gold Coins
  2. 1,500 Gold Coins
  3. 1,000 Gold Coins
  4. 500 Gold Coins
  5. 300 Gold Coins
  6. 200 Gold Coins
  7. 150 Gold Coins

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