Changelog January 25th 2012


  • Improved promotion window to show a counter for how long the promotion is still active
  • Improved the client side notification for promotion event rewards, you now get notified you got something extra due to the event
  • Improved promotion window to give more information about the current promotion event
  • Improved the Slot Machine to also implement a Red Nitro module Jackpot
  • Improved the Supply center: The price is now no longer hidden for your free game but tells you it is a free game
  • Added some missing translation i.e. french faction boosts

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused to show you your account does not exist if you did enter a wrong username/password combination
  • Fixed a bug that caused long names to be cut off on the global map for the PvP map winners (now there is more space but it is still limited)
  • Fixed the loading message to not be truncated