The Beauty of Summer: Steel Legions May Update

Attention, comrades! Steel Legions is gaining momentum. Today we release the Steel Legions May Update including exciting improvements for the game: brand new visuals, a better map, exciting changes in match making and balance, battles against marauder bosses, five new crew members and much more. The update is now available on the live server.  And we do not slow down! The next great feature update is just around the corner.

The Beauty of Summer

The improved map and graphics catches the eye right away. Our artists enhanced the environment with various rich detail: stones, trees, birds, rainy clouds and supply zeppelins beautify the overall picture of the game. The area around the headquarters has been rearranged and is now prepared for the next big milestone. Though the visuals have been improved greatly, our team managed to increase performance and support older graphics cards. The map now features more player factories. You are back to action quicker than before.

A New Way of Winning

Match making and mission balance have been overhauled completely. If you’ve requested a mission at headquarters you can now leave the area, explore the map and hunt marauders. You are not limited to stay close to your base anymore. Shortly before your mission starts, you get an information to report back to headquarters where you’ll meet your team. The balance of missions has improved too and several problems were fixed. The transporter is no longer an impossible target. Also, if your team is noticeable weaker than the opponents team, your mission target will get a slight support bonus. You are never left without a chance.

Fighting Marauder Bosses

Players unlucky to find matching opponents will enjoy the new way how marauder missions work. They are now of the same length and provide the same benefit than normal missions and are properly balanced. We start with one mission type, where the you and your team have to fight a strong marauder boss. A thrilling battle and every hit counts. You are assigned to marauder missions if no matching player is online or if you’ve waited too long for a match. More types of marauder missions will be added soon.

New Crew Members, Xentime Alloys & Level 20

Five new crew members are reporting in. Medic, drill sergeant, weapons expert, machinist and engineer can now be hired and trained to their maximum level. Don’t hesitate to lead those brave men and women into combat. The brand new Xentime alloy is now available to upgrade your combat colossus. It might provide the defining bonus against your rivals. Better have a look at the screenshots right away. Also, the level 15 limit is now removed and replaced with a new level 20 cap.


For more details about the update read our changelog.

We wish all players a lot of fun on the new battlegrounds. Your Steel Legions Team.