Steel Legions – Factions


Phoenix Empire

In the cold eastern mountains, the Phoenix Empire developed a rational way of life. Increasing costs for maintaining their status quo have become the number one concern for this people of thinkers. This Empire is willing to invest in the destruction of others.

Pandora Rebels

In the wastelands of Pandora natural resources have always been rare. While a state was never formed in this poor, chaotic swath, the Pandora Rebels still managed to construct formidable war machines and rule the area with massive military presence.

Golden Territories

Blessed with fruitful lands, the Golden Territories quickly became a rich commonwealth. Citizens enjoy the decadent, wasteful lifestyle and their leaders are dead set on using every available means to keep it this way.

Tundran Warriors

The Tundran Warriors tribe draws its knowledge from paying attention to nature. Their respect for their homeland is legendary, but at the same time they tend to put their own needs above everyone else’s, mother nature excluded.

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