Steel Legions – FAQ


General Questions About the Online Game Steel Legions

What is Steel Legions?

Steel Legions is a free-to-play, massively multiplayer game. It combines rich 3D visuals with accessible, fast-paced player-versus-player action. You take control over a steam-driven, heavy steel war machine in an alternative history, where four empires acrimoniously rival for land, resources and power. With your comrades, you take on action-oriented missions against other players and their factions.

Equipment, team spirit and tactics are the defining factors to beat your opponents. Collect gear and upgrade your war machine, choose your weapon and become a legend on the battleground. The combination of fast-paced player-versus-player action and long-term enhancements of your war machine makes this game a fresh appeal for both experienced and new players. Constantly changing challenges won’´t let you rest.

What does Steel Legions cost?

Playing Steel Legions comes at a price you cannot decline: it´’s free. No subscriptions, no obligations. Just play and enjoy the fresh appeal of this massively multiplayer war machine game.

Do I have any chance against more experienced players?

Absolutely. We’´ve put a lot of thought into the process of making a player versus player (PvP) game fair. The game automatically balances the challenges you encounter and everyone will experience thrilling competition. When you get better, your challenges will get harder and the reward will become bigger. The controls are simple and intuitive, so you don’´t have to study or be a gaming expert to win challenges. If you want to, you can simply play with your mouse and drink a coke with your other hand while taking down one enemy after another.

What do I get for free?

The whole game, actually. Every aspect of the game is available for everyone. You only pay if you want access to more convenient aspects of the game. No obligations, no contracts, no trap. You probably already know this from our other games. Steel Legions even rewards you with a free amount of premium currency every day ‒ just for logging in!

What will happen to Steel Legions in the future?

Our team is constantly working on Steel Legions. We will introduce new maps, new challenges, new community features. Those expansions come for free. No matter if you play in your browser or from your desktop, you will always receive every update we deliver ‒ for no costs and fully automatically.

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General Questions About Splitscreen Games

Will I have to install gigabytes of data, patches not included?

Not at all! Downloading tons of data and waiting for them to pollute your hard drive isn’t exactly the definition of fun. Steel Legions is only a few megabytes in size. We launch with about 10 megabytes in your browser, which will only take a couple of seconds to download. In the background, the game will stream some more megabytes for the actual game content.\n\nAlso, the game will automatically update just in time, so you don’t have to wait any minute even if we patch the game. How do we do that? Well, our developers say it has to do with clever engineering and having a natural dislike for waiting.

What platforms do you support?

For now, Steel Legions is exclusive to Windows PCs.

I like the internet but most browser games seem tedious.

We know what you mean. Steel Legions is not a regular browser game, though. It features rich 3D graphics and an action based gameplay. No pressing a button and waiting for a countdown to press the next. You can quickly jump into the game within your browser and join the action and you can bypass the browser completely if you like: Just download our Micro Client (about 20 megabytes, downloaded in seconds) and start the game directly from your desktop. It will be updated automatically and content will be streamed in the background. This makes Steel Legions conveniently available right from your desktop ‒ all it takes is a double click and you’re back in the game.

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