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Steel Legions - Golden Territories troops flank Tundran Warriors

Steel Legions - Golden Territories war machine suffers heavy damage

Steel Legions - Crossing a bridge into Pandora Rebels territory

Steel Legions - Victorious Golden Territories war machine

Steel Legions -  Phoenix Empire and Pandora Rebels in tight battle

Steel Legions - Pandora Rebels versus Phoenix Empire war machines

Steel Legions - Supply airship arrives at Golden Territories base

Steel Legions - Pandora Rebels Steampunk war machine hunts marauders

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Micro Game Client

Use this micro game client to install Steel Legions to your Windows desktop. It allows you to launch the game directly from your Start menu without the need of a browser to play it. It offers a fullscreen mode and changeable window resolutions. You don’t even need to have java installed!

Download Game Client

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