April showers bring forth May flowers!

It’s finally May. We’re looking forward to a month with not only better weather. Steel Legions will improve further, too. […]

It’s finally May. We’re looking forward to a month with not only better weather. Steel Legions will improve further, too. We’ve been a bit quite with updates recently, but that does not mean we are slowing down. There’s so much we’re currently working on, improving the existing and developing brand new. What’s next in Steel Legions?We’ve been taken our time to read the positive and negative feedback of yours, the players. Based on your experience, we are now working on improving Steel Legions even further. Our goal is to make it the definitive, accessible, free Player-versus-Player experience. Some of the changes we are working on will be already available in the near future.

Assigning for missions will be improved dramatically: you don’t have to wait at headquarters for your mission finally start. You can now continue explore the map after assignment. When you get assigned to a mission team, you’ll see a countdown until when you have to report back to headquarters. So while waiting, just hunt some of those marauders and fill your stock with valuable items. Come back, when the action is about to start.

The balancing of missions is the most critical point of the game and we are completely renewing how we do that. To be honest, it’s the most critical point we are working on. We are currently absolving intensive tests and with that information we will completely redesign the way we are balancing missions. Look forward for even more exciting multiplayer battles.

A more beautiful game world will make Steel Legions shine in new splendor. Our artists completely revised the current map and enhanced it with rich detail. Steel Legions will look better than ever before.

Countless small improvements will be added to the game. For example, there will be brand new crew members to be hired and trained, each featuring unique skills. Medic, Trainer, Engineer and Weapon Expert will be available for your service soon.

And what’s up after all this? That’s when Steel Legions will experience a whole new dimension: on the world map you will be able to travel to whole new battlegrounds, prove your tactical skill as commanders, create battalions with your friends and hunt for the most valuable resource in the territories, which is so precious, it’s not even available for gold: Platinum.

Stay tuned. Your Steel Legions team.