Changelog August the 10th 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live the following wednesday.


  • After a click on a button to buy now it gets disabled until the purchase is completed
  • When clicking on an empty gadget you now see a notification
  • When entering loading screen and when a mission was assigned music will kick in aswell as when medals are left on battle map
  • The experience counter now is animated
  • The color of the gadget panel now is red once you can repurchase it
  • The tutorial images now are updated with the latst images of cursor and UI screenshots
  • Trees and other things on the landing platform of the command center now got removed
  • Added a server side cooldown check to prevent client manipulations
  • Now a similar animation to oil fill is triggered when gadgets are being rechrged
  • Improved the overall usage of menu action in the profile window
  • Improved the camera interpolation, now the camera does not lag behind if pc is under heavy load
  • The tower damage now is calculated in when calculating the effort a player has done when killing an enemy
  • The mission request from the previous session now gets reset when logging in again
  • Added another tutorial to explain repair tool kits and their use
  • Added some texts for the resource quickfill confirmation window
  • Added some texts for gadget upgrade dialog and profile window sub panel
  • Improved matchmaking/balancing analyzing tools


  • Fixed a bug in the UI that caused the mission description panel to be aligned wrong when resolution gets changed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the profile window to hint on gold if player does not have enough to buy the upgrades
  • Fixed a bug that caused an exception when no available mine could be found but a mine conflict wanted to start
  • Fixed a bug in the oil fill animation that caused it to flicker between values when clicking too fast
  • Fixed a bug in the profile window concerning the gadget menu as it did not update correctly
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the gold price to not be charged in certain situations
  • Fixed a bug in the profile window concerning the resource buttons reset on a click
  • Fixed a bug that caused Medals with value 0 to be shown to player
  • Fixed a bug in the xp animation to make it independent from the frame rate
  • Fixed several bugs that could cause the servers to malfunction and even crash
  • Fixed a bug in the launcher that caused it to start in a window instead of loading directly within the browser when using Java 7