Changelog August the 24th 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live the following wednesday.


  • Added a new spam detection for the chat
  • Slightly optimized shadows
  • Improved matchmaking tweak mechanisms

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed few minor server side bugs
  • Fixed a bug that prevented animations from being framerate indepedent
  • Fixed a bug that prvented animations for being shown normally
  • Fixed a bug that caused the vehicle to bounce/skip back when carrying something while having lags
  • Fixed few bugs with the merchant’s saving rates and refunding and the corresponding screens that show it
  • Fixed a bug in the max amount of XP that you can get in a mission
  • Fixed a bug that caused oil to be used up when switching maps
  • Fixed a bug that caused the clan tag to not be removed when someone was removed from a clan
  • Fixed a bug that caused the server to show wrong error message when client was not logged in and timed out
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to resurrect when upgrading your armor
  • Fixed a bug that caused the vehicles to jump up when moving near buildings