Changelog December 14th 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live next wednesday.

New Features

  • Invite a friend: New recruitment center for all factions where you can invite other people to play steellegions and benefit from it
  • New clan feature: Clan roles Admiral, Officers and Members. Officers can also accept pending applications
  • New clan feature: Player can now apply for membership to a clan even when admiral is not online


  • Autoselect of faction added for new users that have been recruited from other players

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a message for fire crew members as it showed a wrong text
  • Fixed a bug that caused Marauders to not follow their path and instead do flee when hit by players on that are on a mission
  • Fixed a spanish translation: Removed quotes from boost names
  • Fixed a bug that caused to show wrong xp amounts after finishing a mission