Changelog July the 13th 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live the following wednesday.

New Features

  • Defect: You can now defect to other empires by driving to the factions HQ which you want to join. The switch will cost you Gold depending on how populated a faction is, the more players a faction already has the more it will cost to switch to that faction.
  • Medals: this resource can only be gathered through killing enemies on a battlemap or winning it through boxes via supply center
  • Supply Center: The supply center enables you to get resources. It works similar to slot machines, you play and have a chance to get few different items or more of one kind. You can win i.e. 100 Gold with investing 5 Gold. You get 1 free game per day
  • Clans: You can now build clans, increasing clansize costs victory points and enables the clan to increase it’s membersize, every member of the clan can donate to increase the level of the clan
  • World Map: There is now a World Map with 3 Battle Maps and one Campaign (Mission) Map you can switch between maps via communication center
  • Drop Cargo Button: You can now drop the cargo when you are carrying some and simply pick it up afterwards
  • Enhanced Experience System: The experience system got a whole overhaul and now is given depending on the effort someone put into the mission. If there is a nice and tough fight both sides have an advantage as their XP will be higher
  • Gadgets: Your tank now can have several gadgets that give you an advantage in battle. Make more damage, absorb damage, quickly escape a fight or increase your range
  • Battle map: Kill any enemy and get victory points for killing them. Once all victory points on a map are taken the person with the most collected victory points is the dominator of the map and shown on the world map together with his
  • New Terrain: There are 2 more terrain types, snowy mountains, and blazing deserts


  • Platinum container and explosives now spawn always directly in front of the building and not at a random position nearby
  • The GUI got improved the main UI was moved from bottom to the top
  • There are two new alloys +9% that have to be unlocked with victory points before you can purchase them
  • Internal tracking of players and their behavior got improved
  • Dynamite now spawn in front of the supply center instead of the communication center
  • Slightly reduced the efffect of nebula sight and range reduction
  • Slightly reduced the effect of tar speed reduction
  • Improved balancing, now the balancing takes the way to the target location into account when calculating the strengths

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed few bug in the server-side pathfinding
  • Fixed a bug on alloy Xentime-A as it was incorrectly named as Pyrit-A
  • Fixed an exploit that caused lowlevel enemies to still drop special items
  • Fixed one bug that caused the oil engine to be used too often
  • Fixed a bug on speed prototypes