Changelog July the 27th 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live the following wednesday.


  • Improved the AI so marauders react on players earlier when shot at
  • Improved the UI so the text field for factions is a little bit bigger so the name of factions fits it also for other languages
  • Improved the text that hints the player what to do when the player is already level 2 or above
  • On battle maps the arrow now points to the closest lying medal
  • Improved the formatting of the XP that is shown when a mission is complete
  • Improved the position of the arrow to be closed to the tank as before it was possible that it was hidden behind the UI
  • Improved the crater cracks in snow environment
  • Improved the arrow behavior if very close to the target so it changes more smoothly to point at the targets new position
  • Improved the target markers for buildings
  • Improved the XP balancing, you now get more XP for effort during a mission maximum still is 100

Fixed Bugs

  • A bug was fixed that caused a conflict to be failed and the player that failed it to be unmarked as target although the conflict was ongoing and he could participate
  • Fixed a bug in the German Translation King of the Hill Mission Description
  • Fixed a bug that caused the selection of hills for king of the hill to not be random
  • Fixed a bug in the matchmaking that resulted in team where players had a too high level compared to their opponent
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be in unfair teams if an unfair team now is created the team won’t play the game but instead will face marauder bosses
  • Fixed a bug that caused the SponsorPay Button for Splitscreen Users to be disabled when playing with the installer
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ammunition counter to be capped at 99
  • Fixed a bug that caused the clan window to overlap the list with the buttons which caused some clans to not be readable and selectable
  • Fixed a bug in mine attack conflicts that could cause the dynamite to explode without the mine taking any damage
  • Fixed a bug in the conflict creation
  • Fixed a bug in the way models were created and removed
  • Fixed a bug in the clan windows that caused it to be open already
  • Fixed a bug that caused Battle Maps to choose a wrong Dominator
  • Fixed a bug that caused turrets when they are first in view to shoot at nothing
  • Fixed a bug that caused the resolution to be changed to default if you go to shop while in fullscreen and switching back to fullscreen afterwards again
  • Fixed a bug that could cause particle effects to not be shown correctly
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the server to malfunction or even crash