Changelog May the 25th 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live today.

New Features

  • New crew members:
    – Oiler:
    When using oil for any component, there is a chance of the used oil barrel is FREE
    – Medic:
    When using a medic pack, there is a chance that the used the medic pack is FREE
    – Weapons Expert:
    Increases the splash damage area of the primary weapon
    – Engineer:
    Reduces the time until automatic repair and instant repair gets available
    – Trainer:
    The trainer provides a chance of DOUBLE XP for Crew Members after a mission is complete. This only works if he never drops to 0 health during that mission.
  • New vegetationsystem with animals, flowers, forest, trees, stumps, rocks, zeppelin crashsites, shipyards with ships, a steel legions steel fist statue and raining clouds
  • New manned aircraft