Changelog November 23rd 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live next wednesday.


  • Improved Crew members so you can now rehire them without losing their level
  • Improved daily login notification to be a proper window
  • Improved notification window layout to fit more text in
  • Added new promotion window into the game
  • Improved Map: icons of destoyed buildings are now shown as destroyed on minimap
  • Improved description when player opens medal donation window but doesn’t have any

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused announce and server announce for shutdown is not shown in chat and not in newsticker, it is now shown in newsticker
  • Fixed a bug in the Clan Ladder that caused Clans with 0 medals since last level up to not be shown in ladder
  • Fixed the outcome of a bug by giving back previous components to the users who got a starter kit
  • Fixed a Hack Exploit which caused a user to generate medals
  • Fixed some language mistakes
  • Fixed a bug in the marketplace layout that caused it to not fit correctly when window is too small
  • Fixed a bug that caused marketplaces to have a wrong flag or no flag
  • Fixed a bug in profile window that prevented it from showing full description
  • Fixed some bugs in the Clan ladder
  • Fixed a bug that caused NPC trucks to be shown as possible targets for starters
  • Fixed a bug that caused the window with why you can’t cancel a conflict to not be shown when trying to cancel a PvP mission