Changelog November 2nd 2011

Here are the changes for the upcoming version that will go live next Wednesday.

New Features

  • New Building: Marketplace, enables you to buy useful Modules
  • Clan Ranking: See where your clan is ranked, accessible through clan window
  • News Ticker for Server News
  • Module System (first XP Boosts)
  • Dynamic Map & Empire XP Boosts System
  • New Mission: Repair Building
  • New Mission: Oil Drill Convoy Attack/Defense
  • New Device: Kinetic Deflector, reflects main cannon fire back to target
  • New Tactical Weapon: Mazer Cannon, decreases the enemy’s accuracy
  • Show winning value for Empire XP Boosts in News Ticker
  • Item Subscription Module
  • Discount Subscription Module


  • Improved sand layouts
  • Hills are now marked on the map while occupied by an empire
  • Gadgets no longer need medals to unlock a level
  • Maximum Level was increased from 20 to 25
  • Balanced “Neon” Price & Secondary Weapon Effect
  • Updated game credits
  • Improved “Nitro Shot” sound effect
  • Improved matchmaking slightly
  • Improved Map: Areas and buildings for each faction are now shown in their color together with an icon
  • Display description when a player without any medals opens medal donation window
  • Join Clan: Deactivated join-buttons for clans whose leader is not online
  • Disabled package purchase if you already have an active module from the same package
  • Converting level 20 players to new level cap so they don’t lose their XP after level 20

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug in the Action Panel: Panel did not update anymore after mission when player had not finished the marauder tutorial
  • Fixed a bug that caused the close button in the device upgrade windows to not work
  • Fixed a bug that caused displaying a wrong error message when trying to create a clan and clan tag that already exists
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when buying lower prized components to replace higher priced components
  • Fixed a bug that caused the discount to be displayed incorrectly for small prices in the Profile Window
  • Fixed some bugs that could crash the client
  • Fixed a bug that caused the timer to not fit in devices layout
  • Fixed a bug that caused tank tracks to not be shown for your own tank
  • Fixed a bug that caused the tank tracks’ animation to not work properly when tank moves slowly