Game Update September 18, 2018

Game Update September 18, 2018

Between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM UTC+2, the game servers will shut down for a new game update to be deployed.

Update Changelog


  • Implemented a window for transferring game accounts created through Bigpoint to our servers (Bigpoint will soon remove Steel Legions from their website). Read more about this here.


  • Improved feedback for the /ignore chat function in a few special cases (trying to ignore GMs, non-existing rangers or oneself).
  • Feedback messages for ignoring/unignoring players are now shown in the chat window.
  • It is no longer possible to ignore oneself through the /ignore chat command.
  • The /r (reply) chat command will no longer auto-reference the names of ignored players.
  • Fixed incorrect feedback messages for when one tries to ignore an already ignored player or unignore a non-ignored player.

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