Get Ready for the Platinum Wars Update!

The wait is over. Splitscreen Games will launch a bold new update for Steel Legions named “Platinum Wars” on Wednesday, […]

The wait is over.

Splitscreen Games will launch a bold new update for Steel Legions named “Platinum Wars” on

Wednesday, 25th of July.

We are proud to present you an exciting open PvP gameplay mode
on the all-new “Storm Lands” map – prepare to be delighted!


Enjoy the fast-paced tank combat you know and love with a few new twists! Combine your combat skills with powerful new stationary turrets to secure safe corridors for the transportation of your valuable resources.
Use the devastating powers of dynamite to destroy strategic enemy buildings like gun turrets and bridges!

They are destroying our bridges? We’ll rebuild them!
They are ruining our factories? We’ll repair them!
They are stealing our resources? Then our tanks will keep rolling across their scrap metal until their last drop of oil is spilled!“

— Unknown Pandora Rebels officer


A number of resource processing plants on the map provide different building materials like steel, coal and granite. Try to get as much resources as you can to build up a fundamental advantage over rivaling empires.
Put your supplies to good use and prevent your enemies from winning the race for the invaluable platinum!

Nature does not need us, but we need her. If we leave the Storm Lands to these shortsighted resource hogs, our all end is near.“

— Tundran Warriors trainer


Destroy enemy units and structures with dynamite and reap in heavy resources using transport trucks – both built from your very own production management at headquarters! Deploy repair trucks from the same spot to fix any of your faction’s buildings in a minute.

You want mighty kaboom? Then get me the resources on this list and I’ll build you the finest dynamite you’ve ever seen.“

— Phoenix Empire engineer


Get awarded with Ranking Trophies for your actions! Every enemy unit destroyed, every batch of resources delivered, every building successfully demolished or repaired boosts your Empire, your Clan and yourself further to the top of the rankings.

We are not claiming the Storm Lands. We own them!“

— Golden Republic commander

We are incredibly excited and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!
Your Steel Legions team