“Platinum Wars” test server goes online

On Wednesday, the 16.05.2012 at 12:00 GMT+2 time has come:

Steel Legions, the “Platinum Wars”, test server (PTR) comes online.
The following information will help you:

1: You can use any existing Splitscreen account, but when the PTR server is up and running and you don’t have a Splitscreen account, you will be able to create it ON THE PTR SERVER.
Note: Accounts created on the PTR server cannot be used for anything other than testing on the PTR server.

2: The test server will be continuously available and will be shut down as needed, without warning. The cost of the items, the Drop Rate, the Speed with which experience is gained, the Starter Kit(s) and much more can be completely different from what you see on the Official (Live) Server. Nothing you will do on the PTR (Test) Server affect your Account on the Official Server.

3: Players who interfere in any way the tests will be banned from the test server and will not be able to participate in additional testing in the future.

4: Please, post your feedback at the Steel Legions forum threads in the designated register and discuss with us and other players about your experiences.

The smell of dirty oil and fuel in the air, huge cannon with destructive missiles directed against each other and the landscape waiting to be plowed up by Clans.

Best regards,
Your Steel Legion team