Preview: the July Feature Update

The free 3D action game Steel Legions has seen exciting updates over the last weeks and the game became finally […]

The free 3D action game Steel Legions has seen exciting updates over the last weeks and the game became finally polished. But as we are working hard on the July Feature Update which features so many stunning enhancements to the Steel Legions universe, we no longer want to keep you in the dark about them.

Medals for the Best

From now on, Steel Legions rewards the best players with medals. With new game modes, of which more and more will be added over the upcoming months, you can show of your enormous firepower and sharp tactical skills to earn medals for your supremacy. Medals can be used to gain access to new prototypes and alloys, which cannot be purchased without those awards. Those will be your definitive trophies of being a member of the Steel Legions elite: rookies simply won’t get their hands on enough medals.

The World Map Unlocked

Beta players were curios for some time what is hidden inside the headquarters command center. Now we not only disclose the secret but directly activate the building with brand new challenges. On the world map you can now travel to whole new environments with completely new challenges to stand. The world map will open with three new maps featuring the first new game mode that many of you can’t wait for: Open PvP. This and future game modes will be the key source to earn valuable medals to access new features of Steel Legions.

New Game Mode: Open PvP Maps

The first new game mode brings open battles against other empires to the world of Steel Legions. Huge skirmishes require you to prove your skill and domination without help of your empire. Show your comrades and your rivals that you can stand those huge battles. You can travel to brand new climate areas: frosty ice worlds and glowing deserts are waiting for you. Get your comrades together and wipe out your rivals forces. Kills are instantly rewarded with medals. Just check out the screenshots at the end of the article.

Revised Experience System

The experience system will be completely revised. With the changes, active players will get the chance to earn a great deal of experience. Everyone that is asleep won’t get a dime. During the mission you are already constantly earning experience for successful actions, even if you fail the mission. But winning becomes even more valuable: the winning team gets double their earned experience.

Therefore, the formula for achieving new levels is completely worked-over. Your current experience points will be adjusted to the new system so you won’t lose any progress.


The update provides the long awaited clan system. From now on you can organize mighty clans that provide helpful tools: clan members benefit from a private chat channel and they are also preferred to play the same missions. But only honorable generals are allowed to organize huge armies. Your clan starts as a small team with only a couple of members. With medals that you and your clan mates earn, your clan will gain new levels. With every level, more members can join the clan.

New Enhancements for your tank

Science made some progress over the last month either. As of now every tank can be enhanced with so called gadgets, that might be the deciding advantage over your enemies. Think about gadgets as your game changing joker: prepare for even more thrilling and varied combats. That’s because those gadgets are astonishing marvels of modern technical achievements: a telescope for a short time provides you a similar view as if you are located on a hill. The automatic cannon litters your opponents with deadly bullets. With the diamagnetic coil you can protect yourself from taking a lot of damage for a short time. And with the tesla shifter you will be able to flee out of hopeless combats.

As mighty as those gadgets are, you can only use them for a very limited number of times during a mission. So choose the time when you activate them wisely and make your rivals fear your new toys.

New Building: the Supply Center

Your commander always just wants the best for their soldiers. With their daily gold bonus and additional rewards for the best players of a mission, they are already supporting you with precious help packages. But that was not enough. That’s why they build a supply center where once a day you are welcome to pick up a free package with valuable tools inside. Every package contains items like nitro, oil, gold or repair kits. With some luck you will get your hand on really tight packages, filled to the limit with so many items, supply for you won’t be an issue for some time. Who want’s more than the free package every day, can always order new packages for just 5 gold.

Strike back!

The update enables you to drop cargo you’ve picked up during missions whenever you want. Cowards, clever ones though, shooting at you from far away hills while you are defenselessly carrying dynamite to their mines will no longer be safe. Just quickly drop the tedious package, blast the attacker into pieces and get back to pick the cargo up again to continue you mission. Also, items like dynamite and platinum containers are now always spawned in front of their buildings and no longer randomly near them.


We are greatly excited to release this update in the upcoming weeks and of course will keep you posted about anything that’s new in the world of Steel Legions.

Your Steel Legions Team