The “Warfare” Update

Steel Legions will get a spectacular update titled Warfare with exciting new features and items. The Warfare expansion brings even […]

Steel Legions will get a spectacular update titled Warfare with exciting new features and items. The Warfare expansion brings even more firepower to the fights and intensifies the conditions between the empires on the battlefield. One of the most important elements is the dynamics of the game map on which players struggle to keep as many of their empire’s buildings functioning as possible.

New Modules

Players’ tanks can now be equipped with new modules which unlock a wide variety of powerful bonuses over a certain period of time. The Warfare update brings the first type of modules, the experience modules, into the Steel Legions universe. The experience modules have an especially strong effect – particularly in regard to fast upgrades – because the points earned can be quickly doubled or tripled. The experience modules can be earned through outstanding achievements of an empire or the “Dominator of the Match”. Additionally, as the most successful player of the winning team the “Dominator of the Match” will now receive up to five different bonuses per day instead of just the previous single one.

The New Marketplace

The new marketplace will open in the headquarters of each empire. There, players can purchase effective item sets and various premium offers and at the same time exchange their hard-earned medals for extensive advantage packages. The offers in the marketplace will be expanded more and more over the coming weeks and months.

New Weapons Systems

With the Kinetic Deflector the engineers of the mighty battle behemoths have entered new territory. The Deflector allows pilots to reflect enemy projectiles so that enemy tanks get a taste of their own medicine. The tank being fired on does continue to take damage, but weaker units in particular can defend themselves much more successfully against well-equipped rivals.
With the new Mazer Cannon on the other hand pilots can take an active role in the war and fire electromagnetic waves, massively affecting the attackers’ targeting precision and making them fire into thin air.

New Oil Refinery

In the Steel Legions universe oil is the most important resource. Without it, the mighty steel constructions of the empires would not be able to fight. The competition for the control of the oil rigs is even more essential for success. The team which calls the most active oil refineries their own will receive regular experience boosters and can thus equip their units even faster.

Victory and defeat will have an even more merciless effect on the competing empires in Steel Legions.

We hope that you are excited as we are about the upcoming changes. The Update will be released on November 2nd. Your Steel Legions Team.