Update Changelog, October 8 2014


  • Increased XP rewards for all actions on the Storm Lands map (successful deliveries and destructions of heavy resource transporters, PvP defeats, etc.). As a result, playing on the Storm Lands map should now be much more attractive for players who want to level up.
  • Improved turrets and marauder AI so they show a quicker reaction to their surroundings.
  • Reduced the amount of random module drops on the Storm Lands map to improve team balance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a matchmaking bug that often prevented players from entering missions against other players, resulting in a great number of missions against marauder units.
  • Fixed a bug that caused levels greater than 29 to not be displayed for marauder bosses during missions. This resulted in marauder boss units that appeared to be level 29 when they were actually having a greater level.