Update Changelog, September 9 2014


  • With the “Max 50 Update” we are raising the maximum level from 25 to 50!
    • Level progression and XP distribution have been completely overhauled and rebalanced to offer a more homogenous, inclusive gameplay.
    • New achievements for reaching player/equipment levels 30, 40 and 50.
    • Marauders now also roam the “Storm Lands” map.
      • On the Platinum Wars map “Storm Lands”, marauders will attack players when they get close to them.
    • Marauder factories are now able to produce marauders of all levels.
    • Marauder factories are no longer shown on both map and minimap.
    • The number of maximum device charges increases from 5 to 8.
    • Vastly improved matchmaking for missions
      • Mission boosts have been removed.
      • Levels of player and NPC units are no longer shown during missions.