Update & Migration of the Tech Stack

Hiho everyone,

we are in the middle of updating and migrating to a new tech stack. This is a lengthy process that we try to do step by step so we can also keep working on game updates. But we are now at a point where the games are ported to run on a new version of Java, and that will require extensive testing until we can deploy new game code to the live servers. So it might take some time until the next live update is ready.

As a result from said Java update, some players that were running very old game client or game launcher versions that came bundled with Java 1.7 have already been getting a message that they need to reinstall their client/launcher so that they can continue playing.

Our next step will be to roll out a launcher update that will ask players to update their launcher; only players that are running on older versions of Java 1.8 will get this message, and through updating they will benefit from the latest Java fixes. If you like to get ahead of things, you can download the latest client/launcher versions right here. ^^

Let us know if you run into problems; the best way to do this is by sending us a support ticket. Thanks!

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